Bedding Construction Products
• Non-Woven Fabrics
• Coated & Colored Non-skid, Filler Cloths
• Staples & Threads
(Packaging & Pallet Shipment Available)

Specialized Products
• Flame Retardant Barriers & Ticks
• Packaging Produts (Mattress Boots & Heavy-Duty Films)
• Water Resistant & Anti-Microbial Fabrics
• Coated & Laminated Composites

Hanes Industries specializes in Just-in-Time distribution. All Hanes products are guaranteed by Hanes’ LP 9000 Quality sytem. Hanes ware-and order-tracking systems are fully computerized for speedy and accurate deliveries. Hanes also has EDI capabilities for the industry’s most
advanced order fulfillment!





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